Clear Glass Hunny Stick


Deep power and sensuous vibrations emanate from this divine vessel of hedonistic bliss.

Glass looks best in light. These Sex Objects are for lovers who love to look and love to watch. If you are someone who knows what they are doing, you should definitely have some glass Sex Objects in your collection.

This Sex Object has been fired in a kiln for durability. Keep this item clean and sterile when not in use. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this item.

This item has a 10 Year Guarantee from the date of purchase. If this item is damaged beyond use. It can be returned up to one time within this 10 year period. Please be advised that although this object is extremely durable, dropping it on concrete, marble or tile may still result in damage to the object. If purchased item is damaged, send back the item with a description of how the object was damaged and it will be replaced.



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